eLOCK it and keep it safe!

eLOCKers is a revolutionary way to keeping your valuables safe anywhere across Miami; we seek to create a new culture of moving freely without clutter. eLOCKers will establish itself in a new industry with high growth potential by installing smart lockers across multiple areas and creating a network in which users can become members with a small subscription. User will have the ability to move around Miami without the worry of keeping their valuables safe. The intelligent lockers will be placed in airports, parks, stadiums, gyms, residential communities and high traffic areas like Lincoln road.

Our system allows any business, entrepreneur, or event developer to be a partner and provide this service which will help them to increase customers visits and generate additional revenue. 

How Does it Work?

It is simple!

Store your items and enjoy your day. Avoid the need to carry unnecessary things when on the go. eLOCK it and we’ll worry about the rest!


Locate one of our eLOCKers points!

eLOCK it!

Store your luggage!


Enjoy your day!

Ourt Storage

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Miami, FL 33137
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Florida 33140 EE. UU.

If you want more information about how to guet a locker for your business to increase customers visits and generate additional revenue, contact us and talk to eLOCKers expert.