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eLOCKers is leading the charge of smart cities by revolutionizing the way we think about personal storage.

The travel industry is changing now days with more affordable, accessible options, and thus we are becoming citizens of the world. We can now travel simple and light with connecting flights almost everywhere we need to go. Also, with options in the market like Airbnb, Booking, VrBo and Hostels. However, sometimes this options can be as basic as not having a full-service hotel experience. Therefore, we are growing the need to have more breakfast, coffee, food locations and storage places around to offer the complete experience for travelers

Travel eLOCKers

eLOCKers seeks to position a network of lockers in high traffic areas around the USA to reduce the need of holding anything that can prevent you from experience an adventure freely.

New solution to the
conventional lockers

No Keys
Ad Screens​
Charging Station
Costume Made Storage Space Sizes

Safety is
our priority

Atm’s Safety Technology
Security Cameras
CC Transactions And Log Information
Liability Insurance

All Lockers are digital, have adds screens and every space has a charging station. Spaces sizes are costume made.

Imagine an eLOCKer everywhere!

eLOCKers is a solution for everyone. We want to serve Miami residents by having an option of receiving items from friends and online purchases. Also, it is a secure option not to carry unnecessary items to the beach, gym, office and events.

Culture eLOCKers

eLOCKers is giving back the piece of mind to visitors and residents by being a network of lockers around Miami like beach areas, parks, hotels, hostels, event locations, stadiums and more.

How Does it Work?

It is simple!

Store your items and enjoy your day. Avoid the need to carry unnecessary things when on the go.

eLOCK it and we’ll worry about the rest!


Locate one of our eLOCKers points!

eLOCK it!

Store your luggage!


Enjoy your day!

Our Storage

2328 NE 2nd Ave Unit 2,
Miami, FL 33137
2912 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach,
Florida 33140 EE. UU.
125 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, Estados Unidos

If you want more information about how to guet a locker for your business to increase customers visits and generate additional revenue, contact us and talk to eLOCKers expert.