Increase the flow of customers in your business and generate opportunities for additional revenue!

eLOCKers is creating a network of self-services digital lockers for the storage of luggage and personal items in Miami allowing tourists and residents to move freely and enjoy the city. Our system allows any business, entrepreneur, or event developer to be partner and provide tis service which will help them to increase customers visits and generate additional revenue. We also look forward to expand our business in all US.

Commercial Customers Services

Each project is different, that’s why we have different plans to offer you.

Revenue Share

Partners make an investment of 40% on the structure, thus eLOCKers contributes the remaining 60%. eLOCKers takes care of maintenance, customer service, reports, money collection, marketing, permits and insurance.


ELOCKers supplies 100% structure for the site for a18 month contract. eLOCKers takes care 100% of the operation.

Lockers Sale

Partners make the investment of 100%. eLOCKers is in charge of operating for a monthly fee after other necessary operating expenses.

If you want more information about how to guet a locker for your business, contact us, we are more than happy to assit you and give you more information about our plans.

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