eLOCKers is a revolutionary way to keeping your valuables safe anywhere across Miami; we seek to create a new culture of moving freely without clutter. eLOCKers will establish itself in a new industry with high growth potential by installing smart lockers across multiple areas and creating a network in which users can become members with a small subscription. User will have the ability to move around Miami without the worry of keeping their valuables safe. The intelligent lockers will be placed in airports, parks, stadiums, gyms, residential communities and high traffic areas like Lincoln road.

Our system allows any business, entrepreneur, or event developer to be a partner and provide this service which will help them to increase customers visits and generate additional revenue.

Physical characteristics
• Digital screen for access to the locker.
• Each locker has its own charging system for mobile devices.
• Spaces according to the user's need.
• Payment system.
• They have a screen to use as an advertising medium.
• The size is variable according to the point where it is going to be located and the client's needs.
• As a base, it is orange and marked with the company logo.

eLOCKers was founded by Sebastian Ramirez in 2019; a year after his initial idea was first envisioned. In 2018, when traveling across Russia for the World Cup; Sebastian and his friends ran into a particular common problem: I want to travel and roam freely but my camera, bag and all my things won’t allow me truly to explore and enjoy my travels. Upon arrival to Miami, Sebastian began exploring different options.
to allow flexibility for luggage with his Airbnb clients. Finally, Sebastian attended Emerge, the premier tech event connecting the Americas, in April and it dawned on him; technology should lead the way towards a clutter free travel revolution.

The simple solution: An intelligent locker with the ability to perform autonomous simple primary functions with ease:

Rent and charge individual lockers without the need for an individual, provide safety and monitoring of user’s belongings, be open for extended hours, Have screens for product and marketing.

Sebastian tapped his network and eventually connected with Abraham. Abraham specialization in investments and start-ups was instrumental upon expanding the initial idea towards the revolutionary idea of intelligent locker sharing. If eLOCKers could be implemented with a vast network of intelligent lockers connected through an app; it could potentially allow people to change travel patterns and minimize the need to return home or book a hotel; eLOCKers was born!.
In March 27th, 2019, eLOCKers LLC was incorporated in the state of Florida and it began operation five months later.

eLOCKers is leading the charge of smart cities by revolutionizing the way we think about personal storage. Use our lockers when you are stuck at the airport between flights, jogging through the park, when you want to charge your cellphone while surfing at the beach, or to store your luggage at your favorite hotel.

Sebastian Ramirez
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ramirez is responsible for operation and creating a systematized solution for handling a large amount of transactions. As well, Mr. Ramirez will oversee the creation of organizational structures to support a future substantial set of personal and assets.

Abraham Ceballos
Managing Director

Mr. Ceballos is responsible for the achieving the vision of eLOCKers and implementing long term business
strategies to help grow the brand.


Julio Ospina
Real Estate Commercial Advisor

Mr. Ospina oversees the vision and relationship building at eLOCKers with a keen understanding of human behaviors and the importance of creating powerful connections.

Mario Ceballos
Business and Organizational Consultant

Mr. Ceballos oversees the implementation, execution and the efficiency of the business strategy of eLOCKers. Mr. Ceballos has a strong technical background & cross-industry expertise.

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